Seasons change and so do my writing plans

After a longer than necessary book writing hiatus, I've gone back and reread what I've written so far AGAIN on both projects. I'm still not happy with the direction that Voices -The Oregon Series: Book Three is taking.

I feel like the story took a swerve in the wrong direction again that I didn't want it to take. So...I'm putting that book on hold for the rest of the year and refocusing my writing efforts on this new Michigan based stand-alone novel.

I'm currently about 15,000 words into a first drat and shooting for 50,000. I'm much happier with how this particular book is progressing with both the story and the characters. I'm still asking myself a few questions about this novel though, like who is it for and at its heart, what do I want it to be about? I'll get more into that in another blog post So, I'm looking forward to knocking this book out over the next few months as well as settling on an official title.

I'll be posting more info and excerpts here on my official website in the weeks to come.

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