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The Diner - The Oregon Series: Book Two

A powerful and romantic tale that spans decades, we see the beginning and the end of a lifetime of friendship, love, and devotion. From a chance encounter on Christmas Eve to a heart-wrenching vision on a beach decades later of the love of his life, we follow Johnathan Hays on a journey through his nearly 50 years on the Oregon Coast.


This journey not only changes his own fate and future but the lives of others around him in unforeseen ways while he learns what being a husband, father, friend, and man means to him.

All the Roads Home- The Oregon Series: Book One

After nine months of living in the Highlands of Scotland with just his dog while recovering from a devastating divorce, Shawn Stewart, a changed man, begins an interesting and emotional journey back to his hometown of Astoria Oregon. Along the way, he reconnects with his best friend Billy who, unbeknownst to Shawn, has a lot riding on his recovery and future happiness. 

Soon after arriving home, an old romance begins to blossom but teeters on a precipice as personal struggles and serious family conflict begin to make cracks into his new life. Shawn’s sister struggles to find a balance between work and family life while his teenage niece, Charlie, is secretly dealing with dark struggles of her own. These struggles lead to dangerous choices that could affect everyone in her family in ways she cannot imagine which leads Shawn into action to save her life. 

Shawn struggles not just with whom he wants to be, but also with the person his family needs him to be. It is a feeling he shares with Charlie as they are both trying to find their place in the world. Amidst the chaos, the sudden appearance of a mysterious old man named Pockets leads to life-altering choices for Shawn and life-changing news for his best friend.

Running Northwest

Set against the unpredictable Pacific Ocean, on the rocky, forested northern coast of Oregon is a story about heartbreaking loss, rebuilding, fate and love. Running Northwest takes the reader on a journey as an unexpected road weaves its way through the life of a single father named Thomas James and his 8-year-old son, Daniel. In Michigan, newly single Stephanie Davis is about to begin her own journey down a path she never expected and never even knew existed and everyone's lives will be changed forever.

Imagine a place where dreams come true and new ones are born. A place where friends laugh, kids smile and new love blossoms. Where walks on foggy ocean beaches or misty woods become memories that will last a lifetime. A place where people and nature peacefully coexist and enjoy the company of one another. A place where lost love can be reborn and lives made simple and perfect. A place where you can get lost in your future and leave the darkness behind.


Find that place in Running Northwest.